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"Millions of Americans are missing out on billions in forgotten cash. Currently states, federal agencies and other organizations collectively hold more than 58 billion in unclaimed cash and benefits. That’s roughly $186 for every U.S. resident."

- CNN Money

"The 50 states and the District of Columbia are currently holding at least $32 billion in unclaimed funds, just waiting to be reunited with the rightful owners. "Good Morning America" has helped thousands of people find money held for them by the states."

- Good Morning America

"Unclaimed property includes un-cashed payroll checks, unused gift cards or certificates, life insurance benefits, dormant bank accounts, and stock dividends, among other goods that companies have sold but haven't been collected or used."

- The Wall Street Journal


Myths and Facts about Unclaimed Property

Myth #1:

There will never be any unclaimed money for me.

Fact #1:

Approximately 1 out of every 10 Americans has unclaimed money waiting out there, somewhere, for them. And if there isn't any now, as you go about your financial life, you could lose track of some money later.

Myth #2:

You have to be rich to be owed unclaimed money.

Fact #2:

On the contrary, rich people normally have professional accountants and lawyers that handle the tracking of their money. The rest of us have to muddle through on our own. If you’ve ever banked anywhere, rented anything, have any ancestors or bought something; there could be unclaimed money under your name or ancestors names. If you've ever put down a utility deposit, there could be money. If you've ever given a gift card that the recipient didn't use, cha ching, more chances for unclaimed money. The list goes on…


“I never though i had any unclaimed money!! and I found $ 255”

- John

“Thanks to Unclaimed Asset List I was able to find a lost pension”

- Mary

“ I moved to Alabama late 2001 and I had left a unclaimed check in Wisconsin for $ 200"

- Mike

“ There is so much unclaimed money because folks either people don't take the time to search for it or don't search for it properly. I am happy I hired a professional."

- Monica

“First time I heard about unclaimed money i thought it was a joke! I am now laughing of joy after locating a lost inheritance.”

- Matthew

“I was able to find $ 1500 for my aunt and $ 953 for myself"

- Katie

“I tried to search on my own, I found nothing! The Unclaimed Asset List provided me with my own Asset Recovery Specialist, through their process I was able to find stocks that weren't even locatable using my name alone. The Unclaimed Asset List was able to dig deeper using the information I provided and I found $3500!”

- Carol

“I recommend everyone to search, the odds of locating money or not that slim.”

- Catherine

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